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Simply buy a lesson or package below. You can personalize it during checkout or just contact Nick directly- personalization may not be available Christmas Eve or Day but you will receive a generic gift certificate and your purchase amount will be recorded. You will be emailed a receipt immediately, and you will be emailed the finished gift certificate within an hour, which you can print out or email. Your purchase is recorded, so a physical certificate is not necessary. GREAT LAST MINUTE GIFT!!! Lessons are scheduled directly with Nick by recipient, and NEVER EXPIRE! I honor months, even year old certificates all the time! No refunds or exchanges after 30 days.

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Nick Weiss Music and Steel String Weddings- Expert Wedding and Special Event Music and DJ services, Plus Great Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Lessons. Serving Greater San Diego Locally and the Rest of the World Online!

Nick WeissLessons, Live Music and DJ San Diego- Nick Weiss has been a professional musician and educator more than half of his life. Well versed in guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, music theory, songwriting, music recording, and engineering, Nick can put his skills and talents to work for you. Please feel free to take a look through nickweissmusic.com. If you’re in the San Diego area looking for lessons or live music for weddings or special events, call Nick at 619-813-3953, he’s friendly and fast to return calls. He is also an experienced online music instructor, so if you’re elsewhere in the world, Nick can help you too! Nick is patient, efficient, and professional, and the consultation is free, so give him a call!

“Nick played guitar and sang for our show as clearly and accurately live on stage as he did in the studio the week before. Pretty impressive.” – Joel Rice, producer

“I count on Nick to write music that fits the tone of my work, and he delivers.” – Walter Wong, writer, actor

“My new favorite bass player.” – Jeff Lipton, mastering engineer

“I can’t believe how quickly he figures songs out, and how patient he is teaching them to me. He’ll spend 3 weeks teaching me something that took him 5 minutes to figure out if I need him to.” – Juanita E., adult student

“He’s always on time, totally reliable, and my daughter is having a great time. We had to leave another unreliable teacher, I’m really glad we found Nick.” – Tom B., Father of 11 year old student