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Bass Lessons San Diego

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Nick Weiss Music is your home for professional music instruction in San Diego!

“I can’t believe how quickly he figures songs out, and how patient he is teaching them to me. He’ll spend 3 weeks teaching me something that took him 5 minutes to figure out if I need him to.” – June E., adult student

“He’s always on time, totally reliable, and my daughter is having a great time. We had to leave another unreliable teacher, I’m really glad we found Nick.” – Tom B., Father of 11 year old student

Bass Lessons San Diego by Nick Weiss Music provides Expert Bass Guitar or Upright Bass Instruction for: Children – Teens – Adult Beginners – Experienced Players Needing Theory/ Technique Help

If you’re ready to start, or you have questions about lessons, give Nick a call at 619-813-3953. In minutes, Nick will answer all your questions and quote you a price for lessons that fit your goals.

Bass is Cool and a Lot of Fun! There are a lot of famous bass lines out there in all styles- Funk, Rock, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Country, Reggae, no matter what the style, Nick can teach you! He’ll tailor your lessons to get you playing the music you want as quickly as possible.

Bass is the Backbone of any Band. In many cases, bass players are the most knowledgeable musicians in a band. If you have good leadership skills, or want to improve yours, learning bass can be a great experience. As the bridge between the drums and the rest of the instruments, everybody in the band depends on YOU to hold it together!

Nick Teaches Upright Bass as Well. Nick owns a beautiful, full sized electric upright bass and can help you with finger style (pizzicato) and bowing (arco) techniques.

Your lessons and practice will be custom designed for you every session. Most students don’t need expensive, outdated method books. All you need to start is your bass, and Nick even emails you music paper you can print out yourself at home. Buying any other books or materials may be helpful down the road, but it’s totally your decision. Nick doesn’t require any additional purchases.

Practice Right, Practice Light. So you have a crazy schedule and don’t have hours a day to practice. No problem! Sure, the more time you put in, the better the results. But the most important thing you can do is make sure to practice a little every day. Nick recommends just 20 minutes a day for beginners. If you carefully practice what you study in our lessons, you will see results!

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