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Music Theory Tutor San Diego

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Music Theory Tutor San Diego by Nick Weiss Music will help you learn to better understand the technical side of music and how to train your ear! Tutoring for Music Students, and Practical Advice for Any Musician, from a Classical and Jazz Trained Pro Player and Teacher.

If you’re ready to start, or you have questions about lessons, give Nick a call at 619-813-3953. In minutes, he will answer all your questions and quote you a price for lessons that fit your specific needs and goals.

Are you Learning Theory but Need Tutoring? You have got to contact Nick! He’s been through a rigorous music program and has helped many Elementary, High School, and College students in their studies. Nick can give you the leg up you need to understand and learn beyond what you’re taught in school.

Are You a Good Player but Don’t Know What You’re Doing Theory-wise? You are absolutely not alone! A personal friend and band mate of Nick’s was an excellent guitar player, but had a very loose grasp of music theory and wanted to know more and improve his ear. In six short months, Nick had him understanding keys, chords, and scales in a systematic way. Nick has been a “go-to guy” for many of his pro friends for theory and harmony answers, and he can do the same for you!

Lesson Plans Customized to Your Needs. Nick will work with your theory books from school if applicable, or we can start from scratch! He will work with you and create logical lessons and practice materials to help you understand music theory as quickly as possible.

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