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Guitar Lessons San Diego – Excellent Guitar Instruction for: Children – Teens – Adult Beginners – Experienced Players Needing Theory/ Technique Help

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Praise for Guitar Lessons San Diego by Nick Weiss Music- “I can’t believe how quickly he figures songs out, and how patient he is teaching them to me. He’ll spend 3 weeks teaching me something that took him 5 minutes to figure out if I need him to.” – Juanita E., adult student

“He’s always on time, totally reliable, and my daughter is having a great time. We had to leave another unreliable teacher, I’m really glad we found Nick.” – Tom B., Father of 11 year old student

Guitar Lessons San Diego by Nick Weiss Music

If you’re ready to start, or you have questions about lessons, give Nick a call at 619-813-3953. In minutes, he will answer all your questions and quote you a price for lessons that fit your specific needs and goals.

0348Meghan_DavidNick helps you learn the music YOU love!

Nick does not teach “by the book” or bore students with nursery rhymes and outdated methods. Your instruction will be designed based on your unique goals. In fact, to get a jump on your instruction, take a few minutes to write down 10-15 songs you would ultimately like to learn. After a preliminary session or two to make sure you have the basics understood, Nick will start right in on your list, and that will determine the skills and tricks you will learn. Why learn classical technique if all you want to do is strum classic rock at a camp fire, etc.? Most students are working on their own requests in under 5 lessons.

Think you’re too old to start?

You’re not! Half of Nick’s clientele started off as adult beginner students. No less than 5 current students are of retirement age. Nick is patient and knowledgeable and uses many tools to help students achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

How Old Should My Child Be To Start Guitar Instruction?

Nick has had success with students as young as 4, but that requires quite a bit of parental involvement, often both during the lesson and at home. The ideal age to start for most kids is around 7-8, but every child is different, so don’t hesitate to call Nick and ask yourself.  You may also consider Ukulele instruction from Nick Weiss if your child is very young- ukulele’s are closely related to guitars, and their smaller size and fewer strings make them easier to manage for small hands.  It’s never too late to start- Nick himself didn’t start guitar until 12, and bass at 16, and graduated with honors in Jazz Bass from the Music Conservatory at the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Custom Lesson Plans to fit Your Needs! No expensive books!

Your lessons and practice will be custom designed for you every session. Most students don’t need any expensive method books. All you need to start is your guitar, and a way of bringing music to your lessons (ipod, cd, etc.). Nick even provides free music paper files you can print out yourself at home. Buying other books or materials may be helpful down the road, but it’s totally your decision, Nick doesn’t require any additional purchases.

Practice Right, Practice Light!

So you have a crazy schedule and don’t have hours a day to practice. No problem! Sure, the more time you put in, the better the results, but the most important thing you can do is make sure to practice a little every day. Nick recommends just 20 minutes a day for beginners. If you carefully practice what you study in our lessons, you will see results!

Pricing and Scheduling

You can see more pricing options by clicking the arrow next to “5 full hour value pack” below. Discounted 5 lesson value packs are available if the student can make a regular weekly appointment. Contact Nick directly by phone, text or email to schedule your lessons. Lessons are taught at Nick’s dedicated music studio in the Bay Park neighborhood of San Diego, near the corner of Morena Blvd. and Ashton St. 24 hours notice is required to cancel lessons and retain credit, there is no penalty for occasional illness or vacation.

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