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Ukulele Lessons San Diego

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Praise for Ukulele Lessons San Diego by Nick Weiss Music:
“Nick is very nice and patient. I have played piano for most of my life and picked up the ukulele after retirement.  I have had a lot of fun learning music to play with friends and family, and now participate in strum sessions around San Diego.” – Brenda J., adult student,

“He’s always on time, totally reliable, and my daughter is having a great time. We had to leave another unreliable teacher, I’m really glad we found Nick.” – Tom B., Father of 11 year old student

Ukulele Lessons San Diego Looking for an instrument that’s popular, fun and easy to start playing? Ukulele is it. Most adults and many children can learn several chords their Very First Lesson! Ukes are extremely small, portable, and easy on small or inexperienced fingers. Treat yourself or your child to a great learning experience. Serving Greater San Diego.
If you’re ready to start, or you have questions about lessons, give Nick a call at 619-813-3953. In minutes, he will answer all your questions and quote you a price for lessons that fit your specific needs and goals.

Ukuleles are easy and fun to play! If you’re looking for an instrument that allows you to strum along with your favorite songs with the least amount of time invested, ukulele is it. They are also small and easy to play for people with hands of all sizes.

The ukulele is best known for its traditional Hawaiian roots, but ukuleles can play any style of music. The recording of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World” by the late great Israel Kamakawiwo’ole has inspired many people to explore this great, unique instrument. Whether you want to learn the classics, re-interpret newer music, or write your own music, Nick Weiss can help!

Your lessons and practice are custom designed for you every session. Most students don’t need expensive, outdated method books. Seriously, most method books haven’t been updated since the 50’s, and they often contain tunes nobody even knows any more. All you need to start is your ukulele and a way of bringing music to your lessons (ipod, cd, etc.). I even email you music paper you can print out yourself at home. Buying any other books or materials may be helpful down the road, but it’s totally your decision, Nick doesn’t require any additional purchases.

Practice Right, Practice Light. So you have a crazy schedule and don’t have hours a day to practice. No problem! Sure, the more time you put in, the better the results, but the most important thing you can do is make sure to practice a little every day. Nick recommends just 20 minutes a day for beginners. If you carefully practice what you study in our lessons, you will see results!

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